Episode 9

Published on:

12th May 2024

Road Safety GB

James Gibson of Road Safety GB discusses the ageing drivers course they've been running free for ADIs, including the large number of ADIs that signed up, but didn't bother to turn up.

We also discuss:

  • The benefits of attending in-person events
  • The Role of RSGB
  • How ADIs can access training through RSGB

Here's the link from the show:

1. Road Safety GB main website, the front face of RSGB is a road safety news-based website, with daily stories. Local road safety contacts are available and click the grey button on the website to subscribe to our newsfeed. https://roadsafetygb.org.uk/


2. National conference website https://nationalroadsafetyconference.org.uk/

It’s the biggest dedicated road safety event in the UK, 6-7 Nov 2024.


3. Knowledge Centre – our electronic library of resources and research, it’s free to access and we constantly add information to this. It’s about sharing information to ultimately make the roads safer for all.


Sign up from the website to receive a weekly information email.


4. RSGB Academy - the training arm of RSGB. Offering a suite of courses to road safety professionals.


RoadPeace Challenge

Just Giving link - (Created by Les Hopkinson for ADIs)

Season 7 of The Instructor Podcast is sponsored by Bright Coaching - A training company for Approved Driving Instructors and Trainers.

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