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22nd Sep 2021

The Green Room #8 - Is the driving test an objective measure of what we do?

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Gareth Marchant is the latest instructor to join me in The Green Room as we discuss all the latest goings on in the driving instructor world! 

Gareth is a 22 year veteran of the industry who worked as secretary and vice chair of The Driving Instructor Scottish Council and one of the founder members of NASP. As such he's excellently placed to share his thoughts on a host of topics including:

  • Would it be better if we had more standard checks?
  • Do we rely on anecdotal evidence too much?
  • Are the DVSA too flippant towards SEN students?
  • Badge in vs badge out.
  • Could examiners use local knowledge rather than the current indicators?
  • Do we take enough personal responsibility?
  • Do you self regulate?

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